New study opportunity for individuals impacted by Nephrotic Syndrome 

Participation in a 1-hour interview could help researchers get one step closer to finding new therapies for Nephrotic Syndrome and other rare kidney diseases

Mother and Daughter

Do you or someone you know have Nephrotic Syndrome or related kidney disease such as Minimal Change Disease, FSGS, IgM Nephropathy, or Membranous Nephropathy?

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Please consider participating in a 1-hour long interview with the Prepare-NS research study.

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Northwestern University are studying people's experiences with swelling, or edema, and want to learn from those impacted by Nephrotic Syndrome. The information collected from the interviews will be used to develop a survey to use when testing new medications for Nephrotic Syndrome. 

What is involved? 

  • A one-hour long phone or Zoom interview, to discuss your or your child's experiences with swelling  

  • Receive $50 after the interview. 

Who can participate?


Your participation in the Prepare-NS interview study could help researchers get one step closer to finding new therapies for Nephrotic Syndrome! 


If you are interested or would like more information, please complete the contact form below and a member of the Prepare-NS team will get back to you soon.

You may also call: 734-232-4830 or email:

The study is sponsored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has been approved by The University of Michigan Institutional Review Board HUM00212827. 

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